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- An extra Organization XIII uniform (sleeveless shirt, pants, boots, coat, all black)
- Paperwork detailing information discovered about the Vatheon experiment
- Paperwork and minor charts about Vatheon's night sky
- A single frisbee with a flame bomb design
- A light up seastar toy covered in dog drool
- A mirror in the god Garmuth's design
- A set of clothing designed after what he used to wear in Radiant Garden
- An unmodified Army Carbine that Stuart built for him

- New Moon:
--A very cheerful Golden Retriever that ended up following Saix home during a Vatheon festival. After some amount of thought, Saix decided it would be simpler to keep the animal with him and has been training it well enough. His attempts to make it a guard dog have not been so successful. He managed to get a hold of the dog's collar before things went to hell for his transport, and thus New Moon arrived safely with him to the Bastion.

- Berserker Nobody:
--A large humanoid sort of creature, grey and bronze in coloration. It is a Lesser Nobody, and loyal to exclusively Saix. While it can wield a large sword similar to its master's, it often hides the weapon in a sort of hammerspace and likes to spring it out onto the unsuspecting. It managed to rendezvous with its master after the Calamity, not realizing this was not the exact same one it knew in the World That Never Was. It can be summoned by Saix via Corridor of Darkness three times a day, but is often stationed in the Bastion for convenience's sake.


Jun. 29th, 2030 09:27 am
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[He doesn't think anyone will actually leave a message, but just in case...]

I am unable to answer my SFC. Leave a message if it is important.
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May 26
It feels very strange to be alive. I didn't expect for that to be something possible after the Dusks reported that Axel was dead. Then again, in this strange place, he's alive as well. Axel, Roxas, Demyx, Namine, Kairi, and the Keyblade Wielder, Sora. I seem to be stuck with quite a few undesirable people.

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Vatheon CR

Jul. 3rd, 2013 10:14 am
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Axel █ [personal profile] flared
The divorce is still pending but for some reason all the paperwork keeps showing up as ash.

Sora █ [personal profile] runbysmiles
Just wait until he finds out where you live.

Kairi █ [personal profile] destinyembrace
He hasn't kidnapped her again. Yet.

Riku █ [personal profile] idkmybfftheking
He'll show you 'dog' when he tears off your hand.

Roxas █ [personal profile] coolerthansora
The other woman.

Demyx █ [personal profile] ninthserenade
Remember that time he broke your nose? Fun times.

Yotsuba █ [personal profile] fourleafed
But what is it
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Daily Life )

Which of the following do you associate with the character, or which is his favorite:

1. Color? Metallic colors, and blue
2. Smell? Dog Dust and mint
3. Time of day? Night
4. Season? Fall
5. Book? ???
6. Music? Classical - Heavy Metal
7. Place? The shores of lakes
8. Substance? Moon
9. Plant? Morning Glory
10. Animal? Dogs
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☆ Player - - -

( Player Name ) : James
( Personal DW ) : [personal profile] trilies
( Age ) : 21
( Timezone ) : Pacific
( Other Characters ) :
Paarthurnax - OU - Skyrim

☆ Character - - -

( Character's Name ) : Saix
( Character's Age ) : In his 20s
( Series ) : Kingdom Hearts
( Canon Point ) : Kingdom Hearts II, somewhere around the time he's kind of dying - After the end of Vatheon
( Playability ) : nup

( History ) :
Wiki link

Bastion Update: For five months, Saix was in Vatheon. For a long time, it wasn't a very pleasant stay even if Vatheon was considerably the better fate than he had originally expected. (The alternative being, to his knowledge, death.) He adjusted as best as he could even though he was surrounded by strangers at best and people who outright disliked him. He had no allies and, on some level, he preferred it that way. Besides his tumultuous relationship with Axel (their confrontations often ending in violence), he wasn't getting attacked. What did he care when it came to the others? His thoughts on that changed somewhat when he realized that his previous self, Isa, had been in Vatheon prior and had dated Demyx no less. Despite his desire to know what had happened, Saix kept his questions to himself. He didn't trust the others to either tell the truth or be willing to tell him about Isa. Along with that, he didn't want to show a more vulnerable side of himself to them. They were still his enemies, after all, and his weaknesses he would prefer to keep to himself.

Besides that, much didn't happen for a few months besides Saix searching for information regarding their capture. Soon, however, things began to change. The most notable event was a curse which forced inhabitants of Vatheon to switch bodies with one another. For Saix, this meant switching with Axel. While full of disaster as both individuals tried to gain a control over abilities that we re foreign to them, Saix also realized something more important. Despite the fact that they were both 'Nobodies', Saix quickly realized that something about Axel was different. Axel's body had something that Saix's didn't: a blossoming heart capable of emotion. Axel also realized the difference in that Saix's body made up for the loss with something... different. Something more inherently wrong than just plain emptiness. Soon enough, the two returned to their bodies while not knowing quite what to do about the information they now had.

One of Saix's few 'positive' relationships was with a shapeshifter of some sort who called himself 'Barry'. The two were at first simply two people who talked to one another; something about Saix seemed to amuse Barry and keep his interest. It was only after Barry lost the one he loved and spoke with Saix that things changed. Saix (under the influence of the moon) forced him to confront a truth and Barry convinced him to bed with him. By his reasoning, sex was the most intimate of acts and perhaps could help to coax Saix's heart back to him. Saix himself doubted such a thing would help him much at all, but also weighed in his head that there were no true negatives. He'd already spent ten years of his life helping make a giant heart shaped moon appear. Such an experience made him a bit more open minded.

Not content with ignorance, Saix began to inquire about anyone who might know about Hearts, or souls. To him, they seemed similar enough although he could not say for certain with no proper expert about. (They were kind of all dead, and also not in Vatheon.) Eventually, his searching led him to a young woman named Maka Albarn. After some discussion, Maka revealed that she was capable of seeing souls. She agreed readily to look into Saix's. He himself wasn't sure what would come out of this or if it would reveal anything useful, but it was the best lead he had. The meeting revealed to him that there was something else residing inside of him, trying to take over his own sense of self. She described it almost like 'possession', and something that he himself would have to want to get rid of. The choice for Saix was obvious. Fortunately, Maka also suggested it would be possible for her to help purge the other force inside of Saix's body. He agreed, but requested that he have a little time for himself. While he would not want to admit it, Saix was almost scared for the first time in years. The idea that someone had been able to implant something inside of him so easily was troubling. It wasn't an easy things to allow someone else to mess with a part of him that was so vital.

One of the things he did before agreeing to the purge was to get into contact with Axel once again. Their relationship before that point had slowly been calming so that they no longer were so aggressive with one another. As much as Saix was reluctant to admit it, Axel was perhaps the only person that he could possibly truly trust while in Vatheon even with all their fights. If he was going to have someone change something about his heart, then he wanted another to be there for him. Not that he said as such so blatantly, of course...

With the announcement that the scientists were planning to end the experiment and get rid of them in some manner, Saix realized he couldn't wait any longer and contacted Maka and Axel. Maka connected her soul to Saix's and tried to do just what she had promised. The process didn't go as smoothly as it should have... The other presence was more securely anchored in Saix's body than either of them had realized. The session ended with both of them in bad shape- but the goal at least halfway accomplished. The presence hadn't been completely exorcised from Saix, but it had freed up some of Saix's own true heart so that it could continue to naturally grow and become stronger once more.

There wasn't much time to celebrate this, as Saix had put himself in charge along with the other Nobodies to keep portals open so that others could lead an assault on the scientists. While the effort of using Darkness was taxing on his still fragile and small heart, it was worth it when the foreigners won against their captors. Now if only he had enough time to truly enjoy that before he was pulled into another strange place...

( Personality ) :
Saix is a grade A asshole who is all business and is so stiff because his ass is probably where he stores his giant claymore.

That's probably not enough to tell you all about Saix, however.

Starting at the beginning, we meet Saix as he used to be in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. His hair is shorter, his eyes are green, and he actually knows how to smile without it coming off as dangerous or creepy. He also goes by the name Isa, but it's still Saix in the past. The scene we see him in is very short, and we see an even shorter one in one of the credits. Despite this, we can see a decent amount of Isa's character especially as he is with a close friend of his, Lea. He's a snarkster, but he's loyal, too- you have to be pretty loyal to go try and break into a castle with your best friend.

By Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts II, he doesn't snark much anymore. His loyalty is quite firmly in question. One of the only times we see him smile is when he is about to fuck our protagonist's shit up. Obviously a lot has changed in the years he's lost Radiant Garden and become a Nobody.

I mention in my very first and super classy starting line that Saix is very business like- you know, inbetween all that talk of assholes. This is shown in how high his rank has gotten. In Kingdom Hearts II, we still didn't know much about the Organization. However, it was very plain to see that Saix was pretty high ranking despite not being one of the original members like Vexen or Lexaeus. Before other games came out, it was actually theorized that he was higher in rank than everyone asides from Xemnas himself. Xigbar has since disproven this with the release of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, but that only seems to reduce Saix to the number three spot. Handing out missions may seem like very boring secretarial stuff, but listening straight to Xemnas and knowing pretty much where everyone is on the vast number of different worlds is pretty big.

To get to that position, Saix has to have been very determined and serious. Now, Nobodies by nature are usually pretty stubborn. Even Namine, after a point and with a bit of encouragement, was pretty impressive in putting herself between Larxene and Sora. However, trying to become Xemnas' right hand man takes a different kind of determination. It takes focus. Saix is the type of person who, when he knows what he wants, will go after it and god help you if you get in his way. This has its downsides. In focusing on his planned betrayal of the Organization with Axel and rising to the top, I think he lost sight of other things. Becoming all business makes a person lose sight of other important things- like friendship. It's hard to say if he bought a little too much into the idea of Nobodies having no hearts or if he was just way too focused on his goal, or both, but in the process, he lost his only friend and ally in the Organization.

To make matters a little bit worse, Saix seems to have gained a slightly sadistic side when he doesn't seem downright apathetic. Most people would point to the scene where Xemnas tells him to not bother playing nice with Sora anymore, but it's hard to say exactly where things lie considering the conflicting loyalties. A better scene to use as an example, in my opinion, is where he and Sora are in Hollow Bastion and Sora wants to know where Kairi is. Saix forces him to bow. Now, in American culture, this looks like just a simple humiliation tactic, but Kingdom Hearts is a Japanese made game series, and there is a bit of subtext if you look at it through their cultural lens. For the Japanese, there are different levels of bowing which show different levels of respect. Sora getting down on his knees and bowing that low shows how desperate he is in finding Kairi again, because that is as far as you can go with bow in Japanese culture.

And then Saix metaphorically spits in his face by saying, nah, he's not gonna tell Sora where Kairi is. Like I said- kind of dick.

In his focus, he's become cold and distant from even someone who was his best friend. In his acceptance of not having a heart, he's become cruel. Yet behind it all, there's a kind of desperation as he lay bleeding out Darkness, asking why he wasn't Isa again to a power that might not have even helped him. With the events of Days taken into consideration, it's sad that he never realized that while Axel changed, so did he. Unlike Axel, it wasn't really for the best.

Bastion Update: Saix... is still not exactly the nicest person on the block, especially to those who are strangers to him. He's courteous and brisk at best. The events surrounding the change in his heart are still very recent, so there's still some time to go before the changes in his personality become apparent. Saix is doing his best to keep himself in check. Now that he's aware of how he's being influenced, he's actively trying not to be so sadistic and apathetic. To give into such dark thoughts will no doubt throw him back into square one with that other presence trying to take over his own sense of self. He's spent ten years trying to get his heart back. He's not going to lose it so easily this time.

Besides realizing his current weird heart situation, Saix has also become a bit more self aware thanks to the people he's met in Vatheon! All his time in the Organization pretty much robbed him of his chance to properly mature and how inexperienced he is in a lot of things that more normal people have a basic grasp of. He feels a bit insecure at the knowledge, and it isn't something that he's going to be freely sharing with... anyone, really. Being more open is something he needs to work on.

( Powers ) :
Corridors of Darkness - Like most Nobodies, Saix has the ability to open up dark corridors that can transport him places. The downside is that, if you travel through them too much without a certain black coat, they can negatively affect your heart. This ability will follow the proper restrictions and not connect to anyplace Saix has not first explored first. (And even then he'll be careful not to have his ass fall.)

Claymore - Also like most Nobodies, Saix can summon a weapon at will. In his case, it is a huge freakin' claymore with a bonus 'extra spiky' form. It is very durable. However, it can be yoinked away from him and briefly used to bash his own head in if his opponent is skilled enough. In the Days game, all the Nobodies are given different variations of their weapons, so I guess it's a choice on what Saix gets to wield through a kind of gear. Lunatic seems to be his favored weapon as the others are mostly weaker. Here's a list of his claymores. This power will always be on.

Lunar Connection - Considering that there is no moon at all, Saix's moon powers will have positively zero effect while in this game! However, in case a moon somehow does appear in-game, here's what's what anyway. All Nobodies seem to have a connection to a particular sort of aspect, and Saix's would happen to be the moon. In canon, this usually manifests as allowing him to go into a kind of Berserker state where he becomes faster and stronger, but in a very animalistic kind of way. The moon also has a strange effect on him depending on its cycles which is going to be all the stronger now that he's more "Isa" than he's been in years. There's also some chance to experiment with his abilities now that he's no longer being influenced so strongly... But, again, these are all things that will matter if Bastion ever gets a moon. This would be a mix between a 3 times and always on sort of power. When exposed to the moon, Saix is always going to be *weird*, but going into his Berserker state will be limited to three times.

Magic - Saix isn't particularly a magician type, but he does know some basic spells. He knows basic Blizzard and Thunder, Cura (Curaga if there's a moon), and Firaga.

Lesser Nobody - Upon arrival onto the Skyway, Saix will reconnect with just one of his Berserker Nobodies. He'll be able to summon it to his side three times a day, and will keep it stationed at Bastion for the most part.

( Other Important Facts ) :
As I mentioned in his updated history, Saix is aware that (at some point) someone shoved a part of themselves into him and he is now a quite unwilling host! He does not know who exactly, although he has his suspicions. What matters most to him is making sure that he doesn't give in so easily to his more negative impulses and emotions. Because of this, he also has mismatched eyes. One eye is still Xehanort golden, while the other has turned back to a teal color.

Also, he is totally carting his goshdarned golden retriever, New Moon, into the Bastion. New Moon will be carrying a little light up plush star thing, which he loves dearly. It is covered in slobber.


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